Tiger Pilots are an indie band from Amsterdam. Their sound can be best described as a combination of angular, groovy, bass-driven and danceable songs with dark vocals, sharp guitar riffs and more spherical songs. You will hear distant echoes from ‘80s Post-Punk as well as more contemporary influences. Tiger Pilots know how to merge these influences, from bands such as Interpol, Radiohead, The Smiths, The National, Bloc Party and Joy Division, into a sound that is distinctly their own.

Tiger Pilots have played successful shows in (among others) Tivoli, Doornroosje and Melkweg, where they have opened for acts such as The Boxer Rebellion and Paul Banks (Interpol). In December 2014, they released their single “Life” of which all proceeds went to No Guts No Glory, a Dutch charity ( . Their single immediately went to #1 of the iTunes download Top 100, after which they reached the same spot in the Free 40 Indie Chart and the video for “Life” has been viewed on YouTube over 20.000 times.

They are planning to release new material and play new live dates soon. A band to keep your eyes on.

Tiger Pilots are:
Drums: Derk Zegwaard
Bass: Ludwin Schouten
Vocals: Ramón van Geytenbeek
Guitars: Lukas Veldman
Guitars: Richard Lagerweij